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Brother HL2280DW Wifi Setup

The online documentation for this is a complete mess. If you click on the link to download the software for this model printer, it actually takes you to a webpage describing how to search for your driver software on the Brother site.

Router Issues

I have quite a bog standard Netgear WNDR wireless N router which occasionally behaves like a total pile of piss, kicking off various devices and generally being terrible. This has caused my printer to lose its connection and never regain it in the past, which is why I've had to go through this pain so often. It helps sometimes to merely restart the router and the printer. This should be attempted before trying to install the drivers, as those require booting into windows and moving the printer.

Installing the drivers

First, you want to ensure the drivers are not installed. If they are, the setup software will eventually error with a message like "AN error has occord" (SIC).

I'm not sure if this is strictly necessary, but it was easier for me to also not have the printer plugged into the USB before starting the setup process.

Finally, if you are really going to re-setup the wifi, you should hit menu -> 4. Network -> 0. Network Reset, which will clear the previous config and restart the printer.

From this start point:

temporarily connecting device